Samsung SSD Secure Erase Utility v3.2: Download the Bootable ISO Image

I recently picked up two Samsung 830 Series SSDs. In the process of building a new server and trying out different operating systems, I encountered the need to secure-erase the SSD in between installs. It was then that I realized Samsung does not provide a bootable ISO, USB, or floppy disk image to do this; rather, you need to use SSD Magician, which only runs on Windows.

Once SSD Magician is installed, however, it does provide the option to create a bootable CD or USB drive that you can use to secure-erase an SSD from outside of the operating system—a must if Windows is running on the drive you’re trying to erase. Unfortunately, SSD Magician requires physical media to create a bootable CD or USB drive. Since I was trying to get this done remotely over KVM on a machine without an optical drive or a flash drive plugged in, I needed a way to trick SSD Magician into writing the image to a file instead.

I downloaded the trial version of Phantom Drive, mounted a blank CD-R image, and pointed SSD Magician to it. The tool happily burned the bootable image onto the virtual Phantom Drive, which then created an ISO file for me.

And here’s the resulting ISO image, ready to mount over KVM or on a virtual machine:

3 thoughts on “Samsung SSD Secure Erase Utility v3.2: Download the Bootable ISO Image”

  1. Very fancy. In version 4 of the samsung magician (not sure about the older ones) you can find the ISO files here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung Magician\Samsung DOS Application\CDSolution

    That allows you to create the disks from a machine that doesn’t even have the SSD installed on it.

  2. Thanks you saved my ass as the stupid Samsung software would not let me create an image. Don’t know why you need to use a stupid utility to get one.

    Third party software failed me.

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